Post Deal Support


Main services

1. Defining the monitoring format and monitoring KPI
2. Support in drafting regular monitoring reports
3. Consideration of potential goodwill impairment


The real success is not in executing the M&A transaction but in realizing the expected returns from the M&A investment.
In order to succeed in an M&A transaction, not only is it important to execute a smooth PMI (Post Merger Integration) in the post-deal phase, but it is just as important to monitor the business on a regular basis. Although prior investment analysis is conducted for cases other than M&A such as capital expenditure and IT investments, there are not many cases of post transaction valuation. By conducting a valuation after the transaction, we believe that clients are better able to conduct effective PMI and strategy planning.


At G-FAS, we are able to support our clients after the deal has closed, through regular monitoring services which includes a comparative analysis of the business plan at the time of investment, based on the KPIs identified during the Businessman’s Review during the pre-deal process. Also, as part of the comprehensive support services, we work with PMI professionals based on the needs of the client.